Heat Pumps

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Fresh air quality and moisture reduction



A positive pressure ventilation system brings filtered fresh air into a home to improve the air quality and reduce moisture. Create a dry healthy home with Dry-Matic, installed into your attic space to provide continuous, filtered fresh air to your whole house. This is a secure system meaning you get fresh air throughout the house without the need of opening windows and doors.




Heat RecoveryHeat Recovery Ventilation

A heat recovery ventilation system works well in conjunction with a heat pump and is an equal pressure system.

Heat recovery ventilation systems are designed to draw fresh clean air from outside at the same time as recovering the heat from the stale air being sent outside. Heat recovery ventilation systems assist in moisture control, it continually circulates the air and helps keep heating bills down.




ExtractExtract Systems

Ventilation exhaust fans for Bathrooms and laundry’s are designed to improve indoor air quality by quickly and efficiently exhausting contaminants and moisture from an area. 

A range of products are available including ducted options with an in line fan or a centrifugal fan as well as roof extract systems.